Girl, 6, Inspires Huge Food Donation

Inspired by a 5-year-old girl’s efforts that led to more than $30,000 being raised for the San Francisco Food Bank, Tyson Foods has named Phoebe Russell a “Hunger All-Star.”
To honor Phoebe’s work toward hunger relief, Tyson has donated 30,000 pounds of chicken to the food bank, local TV station KGO has reported.
Phoebe, now 6, was moved to do something about the hunger problem in her city last year when she saw a man begging for food on the street as she was on her way to preschool.
Her preschool required every student to take part in a community service project in order to “graduate.” Phoebe told her teacher she wanted to collect cans to raise money for the people she passed by every day.
Phoebe announced she wanted to raise $1,000. She was put in touch with the food bank, who told her several agencies would provide $9 for every $1 she raised.
She was able to amass more than $33,000, enough money to feed nearly $18,000 people. (Read the full story about Phoebe’s efforts to raise money for the hungry on GNN.)
Phoebe was nominated as a Tyson Hunger All-Star through Tyson Foods’ hunger relief site.
“Phoebe’s enthusiasm for helping neighbors who are hungry is inspiring,” said Ed Nicholson, director of community relations for Tyson Foods. “If each local community had volunteers who gave a fraction of what Phoebe Russell has, I believe we could win in the fight against hunger in this country.”
Tyson’s donation of chicken is enough to provide 120,000 meals at the food bank.
“Protein is an essential portion of a healthy diet and the most-needed donated item,” Paul Ash, executive director of the San Francisco Food Bank, wrote on the food bank’s Web site. “The food bank is honored to receive this donation in Phoebe Russell’s name.”
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